Monthly : September 2011

29 Sep

Home Builder CRM Software – Leading Change

by dave clements

Leading home builders today are recognizing the need to view CRM as a key business strategy to effectively move leads from the top of the sales funnel, through the home buying process, and ultimately to more profitable sales.  In the current economy, many home builders are coming to the conclusion that they need change, but [...]

21 Sep

Email Marketing: Tips for Better List Hygiene

by angela

Maintaining good list management and list hygiene are among the standards and best practices of email marketing.  Just as we don’t like to take trips to the dentist, list hygiene often falls lower on the to-do list for real estate email marketers. But this is a crucial practice to create and continue the results you [...]

16 Sep

Why Lead Nurturing Fails

by dave clements

New home sales are all about nurturing leads. While not all leads are ready to purchase immediately, a contact management strategy can help them through the process from ‘marketing-ready’ to ‘sales-ready’. Not all leads are created equal, and it can become challenging when we misinterpret how the process should be structured. Brian Carroll and Mike [...]