Monthly : November 2011

10 Nov

Choose or Lose: Select the Right Home Builder CRM Software

by dave clements

Do you find yourself researching purchases for your home with an eagle eye? Do you spend time making comparisons between brands and companies, and searching out the best price and quality you can buy? When it’s your money on the line, it’s easier to swallow spending time researching major personal investments before writing the check.

08 Nov

Email Marketing – Design Effective Emails

by angela

Real estate project marketers need to have a diverse variety of skills, from event planning to design to creating brochures, direct mail pieces, and a myriad of other sales materials. At the same time, they often participate in defining and developing the lead nurturing process. Email marketing plays an important role in the marketing of [...]

02 Nov

The Fundamental Buy/Sell Mismatch in Real Estate Marketing

by dave clements

Studies and reports show that 50-75% of all leads are either lost or killed by an ineffective follow up process. Why would businesses go to all the time, effort, and expense to generate leads, and then lose or kill them? A big part of the problem is that historically there has been a fundamental mismatch [...]