How To Streamline Purchaser and Transaction Management With Real Estate CRM

by · December 8, 2011

Home Builder SoftwardCRM for Home builders typically means managing your leads and communicating with your prospects. A recent trend, and the technology to back it up, allows savvy builders to use CRM as a one stop solution to manage the process and communication from lead generation through sale including the purchaser transaction to closing.

CRM home builder software  can help streamline operations and  improve customer service while saving time and money in the process. Here are five main areas where CRM is effective at automating the process:

  1. Inventory Availability & Deal Status
  2. Options & Upgrades
  3. Contract Management
  4. Deposit Management
  5. Document Storage

By using CRM for Inventory Management there are a number of ways to create more efficient processes for your company. Without an automated system, inventory management can take time from a number of employees, often involves  a potpourri of spreadsheets, and requires multiple hand-tweaked adjustments on a weekly basis.  While it may seem like this is working for your team, this leaves a lot of room for human error.  There is a big difference between creating work for your team and creating a system that works for your team.

By implementing a CRM system and streamlining inventory management you are providing more powerful tools to help team members manage these tasks. By creating more efficiency in the process tasks take less time and productivity is increased.  A key factor that CRM brings to the table is the ability to manage inventory availability in real-time. Top homebuilder software solutions like Lasso will generate graphic reports on-demand to provide a visual guide illustrating deal status, home availability and offers pending, as well as homes under contract or closed.  Managers can manage changes and revisions within the CRM and choose whether the pricing and construction changes affect a single unit, an entire floor plan or home type. Because this process is so much quicker and can be implemented across a variety of projects and product types using a multitude of qualifiers as defined by the individual builder, precise inventory and pricing sheets can be released on a scheduled basis.

In this way, CRM software not only provides effective technology, it also creates smarter management tools and processes. Any sales agent will concur that when a prospect finally reaches a decision and becomes ready to move forward with a home purchase, being able to provide instant and accurate information on precise home availability can be the critical factor in closing that sale.

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