Your Email Marketing Has 3 Seconds To Make an Impact

by · January 12, 2012

When scanning inboxes there  are two primary pieces of information most people use to determine whether they delete an email or read it.  First they check to see who sent the email, then they look at the subject line. This quick glance will determine whether the email is opened or not. And it all happens within three seconds!  This three-second window is the most urgent reason to take time to create compelling and action-oriented subject lines in your email marketing campaigns.

Sending email campaigns through your home builder software from is a big no no. If your prospect does not recognize the name an email is coming from this can have a significant negative impact on your email campaign. This is an easy way to be reported as spam.

If your subject line is not well thought out, prospects will likely delete your email – effectively ignoring your campaign. Poor word choices can lead to a host of other problems as well. Your word choices can trigger spam filters, or even worse, cause your subscribers to unsubscribe or report you as spam.

While a lot of energy and time are spent creating emails and campaigns, often the same consideration is not put in to determine who the emails should be coming from, and what, indeed would be a catchy subject line.

Ideally the sending email address should not come from web based email services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo and the like. Instead it should be comprised of a community or company name and it should come from a specific person. Ideally the email should be from the sales agent or the person who has been working with the prospect.  Be consistent.

It is very important to get your subject line right in order to have your email read.  The following are a few dos and don’ts for subject line creation:

  • Do not use all caps in your subject lines – Avoid excessive caps and stay out of spam bins.
  • Do not use the most highly classified spam words – Free, Mortgage, Special Offer and Act Now can direct you straight to a spam filter.
  • Do not use the first sentence of your email as your header – This redundancy will flag the email provider and indicates that your message could be spam.
  • Do use company or project information – If the project or company that your recipient would be familiar with is not part of the email address then make sure that you include this information within the subject line.
  • Do create a sense of urgency – Using urgency with your offer and making sure the subject line refers to the content of the email will garner higher open rates.
  • Do keep your subject line under 50 characters when possible – Short to the point subject lines grab attention and also can be seen in their entirety in your prospects inbox.

Think about the number of emails that crowd your own inbox daily.  Time is a precious commodity and you need to make your home builder email marketing message clear and concise to capture your prospect’s attention.

Check the open rates in your CRM software. You may decide to resend the email to those who did not open it the first time. If you are resending the same message take a critical look at the subject line and update it. There was a reason your recipients passed it over the first time out.

Even though email is a quick way to get your message out to people, it needs to be done with care and thought!  What methods have you used that help increase your open rates? We’d love to hear it!


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