Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Create A Sales Process and Timeline For Communication

by · April 9, 2012

We know that lead nurturing is an essential part of lead management. Understanding the different personas is essential to targeting content that will be applicable to your leads. Content mapping will help you deliver the proper information at the proper phase of home search. Once you’ve determined your various sales personas and mapped your content, the next stage is to develop your timelines for communication and create your sales process. At this stage of developing your lead nurturing program, your CRM is invaluable.

With a CRM like Lasso you can create endless permutations of follow up programs by utilizing lead codes and creating marketing campaigns to coincide with your persona, and stage in the sales process.  You can target your prospect by community of interest, persona, home type interest, buying timeframe, price range or use other parameters to create a timeline for communication.

By establishing a series of activities and placing them along a timeline for a specific type of lead, you can program all tasks into your CRM in order to maintain contact with your prospects throughout the home buying process. A variety of timelines can be created to address the stages of search that delineate where your prospects are in the home buying process.  With homebuilder software, targeted email templates can be customized and used both by the marketing and sales departments to move the prospect through the sales funnel. Personalized mail and event marketing should be part of the defined process.

As you create your ongoing follow up campaigns evaluate your goals and objectives and examine what is working within your sales process. Which stages seem to be more effective at creating communication between your prospect and your sales agents? By constantly re-evaluating and refining the system you will create a winning sales process to convert more leads into homebuyers for your business.

Make sure to be flexible and take queues from your leads. As you evaluate what is working you can adapt and evolve. In the current homebuilding industry, where the cost of leads can be several hundred dollars, it is important to have a home builder software system in place to field your leads to their maximum potential. This will also differentiate your company from your competition, create better results, and pay for itself many times over.

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