CRM Software Solutions: It’s More About Process and Activities

by · April 25, 2012

As CEO of Lasso, a home builder CRM software provider, I get the opportunity to speak regularly with many builder CEOs, sales managers, and vice presidents about their businesses.  Whether I’m talking with prospective clients or current Lasso users typically we talk about:

  • What is working (and what is not) with their lead management process
  • Marketing and sales challenges and opportunities

More than ever, the conversations have evolved to delve deeper into sales process, activities and measurement. It is essential to understand the sales process and the importance of focusing on quality activities, both online and onsite, to achieve superior results.

Strong leadership and commitment to the process are keys to developing a repeatable selling process and overcoming various obstacles along the way. Success is in the details , and by continually coaching their sales team, builders will see more marketing and sales opportunities and achieve better results.

Professional sports and leading a successful selling team have a lot in common.  Rarely does a coach in professional sports emphasize the end result. Instead it’s about the details that result in a more successful outcome for their team.

CRM software solutions for home builders is part of the core foundation for consistent selling processes. It provides the ideal coaches tool to track activities and measure results, but it all starts with effective sales leadership.


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