Building and Maintaining Lasting Customer Relationships

by · September 4, 2012

The real estate and home builder marketplace has become fast-paced and fluid.  Increasing customer relationships can lead to increased sales, and Lasso’s innovative home builder software is designed especially for those in the field to help them succeed in today’s changing market. Increasing and maintaining long-term customer relationships can be crucial to any business, especially the business of selling homes.  Prospective buyers are looking for a company and agent that they can trust and come to depend on, time after time.

Creating a lasting relationship with buyers can help a company succeed in many ways, including positive feedback that can lead to word-of-mouth recommendation, and home buyers that return to your company when their needs evolve.  Lasso’s CRM software can help a business maintain that relationship, with online leads automatically receiving a themed, personalized e-mail that acknowledges their initial interest, and expanding from there.

Lasso’s software will send an immediate notification to an agent, allowing them to begin the process of building the relationship from the beginning, providing prospective buyers with an agent and an agency they can trust to have their best interests at heart.  Many relationships with prospects are built on solid rapport, and timely responses to interest are key in establishing that an agency is aware of client interest.

This unique software system is also designed for real estate selling; enabling agents to be aware of new leads by project, category and automatic alerts that can assist in activity, now and in the future.  With the market being what it is, keeping track of leads has become increasingly important, as more and more prospective buyers are looking for homes again. Creating and maintaining long-standing relationships with the customers that make a difference to an agency is easier than ever before with Lasso’s CRM software, and beginning that process today will lead to increased customer satisfaction and all-around profits in the future.

Lasso’s CRM software systems were created with real estate developers and sellers in mind.  Counting McCaffrey, Benchmark and Renaissance Homes among their numerous success stories, Lasso’s innovative approach to customer relationship management is a step in the right direction for any home builder or agency.

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