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by · September 4, 2012

The process of researching home-buying possibilities has become more and more exhaustive due to technological advances. Home buyers are able to search high and low for their home building needs, and this new accessibility is leading the best home builders to step up the game.  By utilizing home builder software, you can take your business endeavors from run-of-the-mill to out-of-this-world! One of the most lucrative features concerning home builder CRM software is the ability to communicate with potential customers in a more personal, immediate way. Now, instead of hoping that some content on your website or mass email will attract more customers, you can follow up with them through various outlets and make sure that you are putting a personal face to your company.

Even before home buyers visit your sales office, they’ve probably done their research about you through Google and other search engines, as well as on resources like Yelp and Craigslist. Prospective buyers are able to scrape together a ton of information about their options without setting foot outside their homes. This means that you need to add a personal touch to your dealings with potential clients, or risk being passed over.

Getting more personal is not hard, and it pays off like you wouldn’t believe. Here are some of the benefits of following up with customers:

  1. Go into detail about the specifics of the home they are looking to buy or build. Don’t stop at dimensions and price points. Find out what else is important to your client.
  1. Be specific about what you can help them figure out and what you can offer. You have capabilities they’re not able to anticipate.
  1. Emphasize unconventional perks to a particular property or home, such as the privacy it offers from bustling neighborhoods. Unique perks that make it different from any other home, and qualities of different neighborhoods that are unlike anywhere else, will grab the hesitant or wavering buyer.

The next time you find yourself tasked with following up a potential client’s inquiry, make sure to think about what you can say to let her know that your interest in her home buying endeavor is personal, not generic. Stress points that are sentimental and emotional—instead of saying that a property is “sunny”, imagine how the morning sun through the kitchen window would be so nice to bask in during a cup of morning coffee.

Remember, at the end of the day, home-buying and building is an emotionally-driven business. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on that—the competition won’t be!

With home builder software it’s easier than ever to strike up personal conversations with your clients. To learn more about these tools and techniques, and to purchase your own software, visit Lasso online.

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