Organize Your Prospects for Targeted Follow-Up

by · March 13, 2013

As with bank accounts and relationships, a home builder CRM system is only as good as what you put into it. When it comes to following up with prospects – both online and those who have walked into your sales center – it’s important to rate, label and tag leads so that sales and marketing teams can segment lists to provide more focused follow-up.

A good CRM system will allow you to assign a grade or rating, multiple source types and contact preferences to each prospect in the database. But in order to reach these prospects with the kind of specific and timely information that will spark their interest (and prompt a call back), you need more. To create meaningful and personalized follow-up, think about the additional details you’d want to remember, such as:

  • Birthdays
  • Spouse/partner/children’s names
  • Timing of move or relocation
  • Interest in specific floor plans
  • Outside interests such as sports or art
  • Pet names and types
  • Completed follow-up activities
  • Mass mail statistics
  • Custom questions

For example, if you’ve just opened a new pet walk in your community, you could first send an email to all prospects with pets, and even use merge fields to automatically include the pet’s name in the email. Similarly, if a specific two-bedroom plan is highly incentivized, send an email to brokers who, in the last several months, have brought clients interested only in two bedrooms. This way, you are reaching prospects with the exact information that weighs on their decision-making process.

This level of segmentation is only achieved when the information is properly updated in your CRM system.  Only then will your sales and marketing teams will be able to reach the right audience by sending highly targeted, relevant information to those who will find it most useful. To learn more about list segmentation, email

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