Using Reports for Good

by · March 27, 2013

Thumbs Up

Use CRM reporting to praise a job well done.

In this month’s Lasso webinar with Leadership Sales Coach Jason Forrest, one of the points Jason drove home is that sales managers often fixate on correcting team members’ individual negative actions. On the other hand, coaches hold off on negative feedback until they see a pattern. Coaches acknowledge the positive far more than the negative, which is essential for creating a motivated and dedicated sales team.

One way to keep up with the positive actions of your sales team is with the CRM reporting offered through your home builder software. Managers and coaches can access daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that show how often sales agents are following up with prospects, what methods of communication they are using, what their conversion ratios are, and so much more. These reports can be distributed automatically to the manager’s inbox so that the first thing a sales agent hears in the morning is, “Great job on setting that second appointment!”

Many sales professionals dread reporting and have the misconception that it is the only reason they are required to input data into a CRM system. However, using reports to praise a job well done could motivate your agents to use CRM software for its numerous other benefits: follow-up processes, email marketing, personalized communication, inventory tracking, demographic analysis, and more.

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