Why Bigger is Not Always Better

by · April 10, 2013

Everyone has heard the phrase, “The bigger the better.” In real estate, this concept may apply to land in Texas, master closets or kitchen cabinet space, but it doesn’t always apply to your home builder CRM database.

Ideally, you want to build a targeted database of prospects who have expressed interest in your community, brokers, Realtors® and other connectors who can bring business to you. What you want to avoid is a large, questionable database of purchased email addresses or acquired lists that have nothing to do with the task of selling real estate.

Having a database of brokers and leads who have opted to receive news and updates means that you have a captive audience that is willing to engage and share information. A database that has either been purchased or not regularly cleaned will lead to increased email bounce rates, unsubscribes and recipients who mark your email as spam – all of which can negatively impact your sender reputation with Email Service Providers.

With email marketing gaining momentum due to cost-effectiveness, strong ROI and consumers’ willingness to opt-in, the last thing you want is for your emails to be unread or blocked because of a bad sender reputation.

For more information on how to effectively build and clean your database to achieve maximum email marketing results, download Lasso CRM’s newly-published whitepaper, Cut Through the Clutter: How to Create an Awesome Marketing Email.


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