Category : Customer Relationship Marketing

23 May

Is Your Registration Page Working For Or Against You?

by dave clements

In previous years not so long ago, it wasn’t unusual to see a registration page with numerous qualifying questions that would take prospective homebuyers several minutes to complete. Many didn’t stick around that long and would likely abandon the form with frustration. In those days the housing market was very different and the argument was [...]

09 Apr

Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Create A Sales Process and Timeline For Communication

by dave clements

We know that lead nurturing is an essential part of lead management. Understanding the different personas is essential to targeting content that will be applicable to your leads. Content mapping will help you deliver the proper information at the proper phase of home search. Once you’ve determined your various sales personas and mapped your content, [...]

27 Mar

Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Content Mapping

by dave clements

Previously we talked about the importance of knowing who your buyers are and what motivates them by identifying personas. Once you’ve created these homebuyer personas you can then begin to look at the available marketing content you generate on your various model homes, new home communities and condo developments.

13 Mar

Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Who Are Your Buyers?

by dave clements

Recently we talked about why we need to utilize lead nurturing to build relationships with prospects who are not yet ready to purchase a home upon their initial visit to your website or onsite models. As we said, it’s important to find out what makes your buyers tick, and where they are in their home [...]

02 Mar

Why Lead Nurturing Is An Important Part of Lead Management

by dave clements

In the home building industry, it’s becoming more and more rare for a first time visitor to know exactly what they want, and be ready to buy immediately. That’s why the process of lead nurturing and building relationships is so important. With a detailed customer relationship management process and multiple interactions you will develop relationships [...]

10 Jan

Delivering Happiness from to The Home Building Industry

by dave clements

Relevant material, resources and ideas which are ‘outside’ the home building industry often provide fresh and useful insights about marketing, sales, and service that are appropriate to home builders and to service companies like Lasso, that provide home builder software to the real estate industry.

29 Dec

The benefits of Cloud-based CRM For Home Builders

by dave clements

Top firms agree that CRM systems benefit homebuilders and developers.  Lead management and a proven sales process to guide prospects from initial inquiry to purchase are crucial elements to a successful project. Nothing streamlines and safeguards these tasks like effective CRM for home builders. When selecting a CRM for your company, there are some basics [...]

15 Dec

Where Does Great Customer Service Begin?

by dave clements

Builders and developers are always working to improve customer service.  Today’s prospective homebuyers have high standards; they expect great service as a minimum requirement. Prospects want to be wowed when they are looking at one of the largest purchases of their lives, and it’s “their” market. This stellar service should begin when the buyer initially [...]