Category : Inventory Management

08 May

From Prospect to Purchaser (and Beyond) with Home Builder CRM

by Thais Cuffy

The main objectives of customer relationship management (CRM) for home builders is to create a system that captures every lead, nurtures the relationship through automated sales processes and email marketing, and moves the prospect through the sales funnel to write a contract. While much energy and time is spent on converting leads to buyers, we [...]

08 Dec

How To Streamline Purchaser and Transaction Management With Real Estate CRM

by dave clements

CRM for Home builders typically means managing your leads and communicating with your prospects. A recent trend, and the technology to back it up, allows savvy builders to use CRM as a one stop solution to manage the process and communication from lead generation through sale including the purchaser transaction to closing. CRM home builder [...]

27 Oct

How To Use Mass Mail Report Results for Real Estate Marketing

by dave clements

What you do after you send a mass mail to your prospective home buyers or Realtors and brokers is an important part of your email marketing strategy. Project Management Tools can provide you with the information and data you need to properly track the effectiveness of our programs and help you decide the best way [...]

12 Oct

CRM “Accountability” Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word

by dave clements

“Accountability” never made George Carlin’s infamous list of “seven dirty words.” And while now you can hear most of the words that made his list on basic cable TV channels before 11 p.m. on any given night, the word accountability can still send shivers down the spines of sales teams and managers alike. Salespeople hear [...]