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14 Aug

How CRM Helps Sales Agents Make More Money

by Thais Cuffy

Oftentimes, onsite sales agents use CRM simply because their managers have asked them to so, without realizing it’s potential to help them earn more money. It’s not an outlandish statement. CRM that is custom-built for new home sales offers proven systems and processes to help sales people keep in touch with prospects, understand their activity and interests, [...]

22 May

Getting the Most from Your CRM System

by Thais Cuffy

This article was originally published on the Lasso CRM Blog. During a recent Lasso webinar with online marketing expert Mike Lyon, Mike said something that really stuck with me. He was discussing how to create and implement a successful online lead follow-up process when he said, “CRM is the process.” In other words, using your [...]

08 May

From Prospect to Purchaser (and Beyond) with Home Builder CRM

by Thais Cuffy

The main objectives of customer relationship management (CRM) for home builders is to create a system that captures every lead, nurtures the relationship through automated sales processes and email marketing, and moves the prospect through the sales funnel to write a contract. While much energy and time is spent on converting leads to buyers, we [...]

01 Aug

Concerned about Data Security?

by Anna Chandler

So you’re happily using Lasso’s home builder software: converting those prospects into sales, tracking ROI, managing reports… and as you go, it may strike you how much sensitive information you have on here. Don’t worry. Lasso already has you covered. Lasso takes their responsibilities to their customers seriously, and the security and reliability of your prospect and [...]

23 May

Is Your Registration Page Working For Or Against You?

by dave clements

In previous years not so long ago, it wasn’t unusual to see a registration page with numerous qualifying questions that would take prospective homebuyers several minutes to complete. Many didn’t stick around that long and would likely abandon the form with frustration. In those days the housing market was very different and the argument was [...]

25 Apr

CRM Software Solutions: It’s More About Process and Activities

by dave clements

As CEO of Lasso, a home builder CRM software provider, I get the opportunity to speak regularly with many builder CEOs, sales managers, and vice presidents about their businesses.  Whether I’m talking with prospective clients or current Lasso users typically we talk about: What is working (and what is not) with their lead management process [...]

09 Feb

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

by dave clements

It’s easy for builders and developers to want to track a lot of sales metrics for new home communities, especially in today’s market in which according to feedback from multiple builders, the average cost per new lead ranges from $250-$500. Of all the data generated, there are a couple of critical statistics that give a [...]

10 Jan

Delivering Happiness from to The Home Building Industry

by dave clements

Relevant material, resources and ideas which are ‘outside’ the home building industry often provide fresh and useful insights about marketing, sales, and service that are appropriate to home builders and to service companies like Lasso, that provide home builder software to the real estate industry.