Category : Lead Management

08 May

From Prospect to Purchaser (and Beyond) with Home Builder CRM

by Thais Cuffy

The main objectives of customer relationship management (CRM) for home builders is to create a system that captures every lead, nurtures the relationship through automated sales processes and email marketing, and moves the prospect through the sales funnel to write a contract. While much energy and time is spent on converting leads to buyers, we [...]

27 Jun

Not enough leads. Really?

by dave clements

All too often it’s common for Sales Managers to hear this from the sales team — “I’ve called all my leads, now what? We need more leads!” This statement from your sales team should raise red flags, especially if you do not have a homebuilder CRM solution in place to guide follow up. The truth [...]

09 Apr

Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Create A Sales Process and Timeline For Communication

by dave clements

We know that lead nurturing is an essential part of lead management. Understanding the different personas is essential to targeting content that will be applicable to your leads. Content mapping will help you deliver the proper information at the proper phase of home search. Once you’ve determined your various sales personas and mapped your content, [...]

27 Mar

Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Content Mapping

by dave clements

Previously we talked about the importance of knowing who your buyers are and what motivates them by identifying personas. Once you’ve created these homebuyer personas you can then begin to look at the available marketing content you generate on your various model homes, new home communities and condo developments.

13 Mar

Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Who Are Your Buyers?

by dave clements

Recently we talked about why we need to utilize lead nurturing to build relationships with prospects who are not yet ready to purchase a home upon their initial visit to your website or onsite models. As we said, it’s important to find out what makes your buyers tick, and where they are in their home [...]

02 Mar

Why Lead Nurturing Is An Important Part of Lead Management

by dave clements

In the home building industry, it’s becoming more and more rare for a first time visitor to know exactly what they want, and be ready to buy immediately. That’s why the process of lead nurturing and building relationships is so important. With a detailed customer relationship management process and multiple interactions you will develop relationships [...]

09 Feb

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

by dave clements

It’s easy for builders and developers to want to track a lot of sales metrics for new home communities, especially in today’s market in which according to feedback from multiple builders, the average cost per new lead ranges from $250-$500. Of all the data generated, there are a couple of critical statistics that give a [...]

24 Jan

Trust The Sales Follow Up Process

by dave clements

A key ingredient present in many homebuilders’ business models is to provide several standard floor plans and home styles for prospective buyers’ to consider when shopping for new homes. Prospects are able to select their favorite lot, plan type, options, and upgrades.  By starting from a standard model this ensures the ability to put a [...]

02 Nov

The Fundamental Buy/Sell Mismatch in Real Estate Marketing

by dave clements

Studies and reports show that 50-75% of all leads are either lost or killed by an ineffective follow up process. Why would businesses go to all the time, effort, and expense to generate leads, and then lose or kill them? A big part of the problem is that historically there has been a fundamental mismatch [...]