04 Sep


Building and Maintaining Lasting Customer Relationships


The real estate and home builder marketplace has become fast-paced and fluid.  Increasing customer relationships can lead to increased sales, and Lasso’s innovative home builder software is designed especially for those in the field to help them succeed in today’s changing market. Increasing and maintaining long-term customer relationships can be crucial to any business, especially the business of selling homes.  Prospective buyers are looking for a company and agent that they can trust and come to depend on, time after time.

Creating a lasting relationship with buyers can help a company succeed in many ways, including positive feedback that can lead to word-of-mouth recommendation, and home buyers that return to your company when their needs evolve.  Lasso’s CRM software can help a business maintain that relationship, with online leads automatically receiving a themed, personalized e-mail that acknowledges their initial interest, and expanding from there.

Lasso’s software will send an immediate notification to an agent, allowing them to begin the process of building the relationship from the beginning, providing prospective buyers with an agent and an agency they can trust to have their best interests at heart.  Many relationships with prospects are built on solid rapport, and timely responses to interest are key in establishing that an agency is aware of client interest.

This unique software system is also designed for real estate selling; enabling agents to be aware of new leads by project, category and automatic alerts that can assist in activity, now and in the future.  With the market being what it is, keeping track of leads has become increasingly important, as more and more prospective buyers are looking for homes again. Creating and maintaining long-standing relationships with the customers that make a difference to an agency is easier than ever before with Lasso’s CRM software, and beginning that process today will lead to increased customer satisfaction and all-around profits in the future.

Lasso’s CRM software systems were created with real estate developers and sellers in mind.  Counting McCaffrey, Benchmark and Renaissance Homes among their numerous success stories, Lasso’s innovative approach to customer relationship management is a step in the right direction for any home builder or agency.

04 Sep


Follow Up with Home Builder Software


The process of researching home-buying possibilities has become more and more exhaustive due to technological advances. Home buyers are able to search high and low for their home building needs, and this new accessibility is leading the best home builders to step up the game.  By utilizing home builder software, you can take your business endeavors from run-of-the-mill to out-of-this-world! One of the most lucrative features concerning home builder CRM software is the ability to communicate with potential customers in a more personal, immediate way. Now, instead of hoping that some content on your website or mass email will attract more customers, you can follow up with them through various outlets and make sure that you are putting a personal face to your company.

Even before home buyers visit your sales office, they’ve probably done their research about you through Google and other search engines, as well as on resources like Yelp and Craigslist. Prospective buyers are able to scrape together a ton of information about their options without setting foot outside their homes. This means that you need to add a personal touch to your dealings with potential clients, or risk being passed over.

Getting more personal is not hard, and it pays off like you wouldn’t believe. Here are some of the benefits of following up with customers:

  1. Go into detail about the specifics of the home they are looking to buy or build. Don’t stop at dimensions and price points. Find out what else is important to your client.
  1. Be specific about what you can help them figure out and what you can offer. You have capabilities they’re not able to anticipate.
  1. Emphasize unconventional perks to a particular property or home, such as the privacy it offers from bustling neighborhoods. Unique perks that make it different from any other home, and qualities of different neighborhoods that are unlike anywhere else, will grab the hesitant or wavering buyer.

The next time you find yourself tasked with following up a potential client’s inquiry, make sure to think about what you can say to let her know that your interest in her home buying endeavor is personal, not generic. Stress points that are sentimental and emotional—instead of saying that a property is “sunny”, imagine how the morning sun through the kitchen window would be so nice to bask in during a cup of morning coffee.

Remember, at the end of the day, home-buying and building is an emotionally-driven business. Don’t be afraid to capitalize on that—the competition won’t be!

With home builder software it’s easier than ever to strike up personal conversations with your clients. To learn more about these tools and techniques, and to purchase your own software, visit Lasso online.

01 Aug


Concerned about Data Security?


So you’re happily using Lasso’s home builder software: converting those prospects into sales, tracking ROI, managing reports… and as you go, it may strike you how much sensitive information you have on here. Don’t worry. Lasso already has you covered.

Lasso takes their responsibilities to their customers seriously, and the security and reliability of your prospect and purchaser data is their top priority. The application and all client data are hosted by PEER 1, one of the world’s leading IT hosting providers with more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Leading firewall and intrusion prevention technology is used to make sure your data remains private and secure. There’s also a robust data backup system and processes, to ensure data safety and integrity.

The system access and user permissions are set based on your individual requirements too. This way you can manage “who gets what when”. Just designate user roles that align to your business, like Sales Representative, Inventory Manager, or System Administrator.

That takes care of security, what about data access? Their home builder software is software-as-a-service: available 24/7, anywhere, any time. Lasso further accelerates the speed of user access and content delivery via Akamai. This globally distributed platform delivers dynamically-generated content and rich media around with world at an unmatched speed. Lasso knows that as a sales agent you have to be on the go, and available at odd hours. On the road, in the office, at home, 3 p.m, 4 a.m.? Doesn’t matter; your data is there.

So with your data secure and instantly always accessible, you can get you work done without a care. And Lasso really helps you get that work done. If your sales or marketing team feel they need a little help, check out this home builder software for them. It could mean the difference between getting along and getting to where you want to be.

26 Jul


Managing sales? You need the best home buyer software


According to the National Association of Sales Executives, “80% of sales are made from the 5th – 12th contact.” That’s a lot of follow-up! But it’s crucial, to make all that money you’ve spent gathering attention and earning leads worth it. You’re looking to turn leads into prospects, and from there, home buyers – right? The best practice would be immediate, personalized contact after a home buyer has looked you up, then several follow-up messages, immediate responses if they’re renewing or changing their interests… that’s a lot to keep track of. And that’s just the work you have for leads! But don’t worry: Lasso’s home builder software can make the entire process smooth, fast, almost effortless. And is going to empower you to turn those leads into sales.

Lasso CRM is exclusively designed for real estate sales & marketing professionals. The real estate developer and home builder software delivers all the tools you need to manage your leads, build lasting customer relationships, and convert more prospects to purchasers. Their program offers a wealth of features: free updates, free webinars, an excellent training and support team, and major returns on your investment.

Their lead management system makes managing prospects almost effortless. You can capture, distribute, and track every lead from your web registration page, model home kiosk, iPads and other tablets, as well as online directories. Every online lead will automatically receive a personal, themed email acknowledging their interest. And a notification is sent to your sales agent. With such fast and personal follow-up, you have the beginnings of a long relationship. To convert those leads into sales, Lasso will schedule systematic follow-up process, including automatic alerts. The net result is more appointments and so more conversions. Prospect profiles are comprehensive and easily updated with all contact history and notes. Quick reference is available wherever you go, at the office or on the road.

There’s also Lasso’s special Lead Intelligence program. It provides critical information into the unique buying interests and preferences of your leads. Sales agents are also instantly alerted whenever prospects return to your website; follow-up is timely, personal, and tailored to their most recent interests. Lasso will pinpoint which media is delivering the best leads by source and publication. That way you can gauge the results of campaigns and media spending, moving around your budget to best maximize ROI.

Along with lead planning, their CRM offers a wealth of helpful tools: email marketing, purchaser tracking, generated reports, and easy realtor and broker communication. In this instantaneous world the home buyer needs all the tools he can get, and for sales management nothing is more suited than Lasso’s home builder software.

27 Jun


Not enough leads. Really?



All too often it’s common for Sales Managers to hear this from the sales team — “I’ve called all my leads, now what? We need more leads!”

This statement from your sales team should raise red flags, especially if you do not have a homebuilder CRM solution in place to guide follow up. The truth of the matter is that many, many leads just don’t get the attention they need in order to be nurtured through the new home buying process. As most managers already know …leads don’t come cheap…in fact, I repeatedly hear home builders quote a cost per lead in the range of $250-500. These cost metrics are usually based on leads that actually make it to the appointment phase of follow up and visit the model home or sales center. Continue Reading

20 Jun


Cedar Park by Hunter Homes


Are you searching for a new home in Huntsville? Look no further than Cedar Park, a new neighborhood by Hunter Homes.

Cedar Park, one of the newest communities in South Huntsville, is located conveniently within minutes of Redstone Arsenal Gate 3, just off Hobbs Road. Nearby shopping, restaurants, and many other amenities makes this the perfect Huntsville neighborhood to call home.

Homes in Cedar Park range from 1,500 to more than 3,200 square feet. High ceilings with crown moulding, large bedrooms, granite countertops in the kitchen, and scenic private sites are all trademarks of this wonderful community. Children living in Cedar Park will attend school in the Huntsville District, including Farley Elementary, Challenger Middle, and Grissom High School.

To get to Cedar Park from I-565, take exit 19-A/South Memorial Parkway. Turn right on Hobbs Road. Take a left on Bell Road and Cedar Park will be on your right.

Homes in this community range from $139,900 to $191,900.

Builder Hunter Homes believes in honest and ethical business, and their focus on less waste, efficient building processes, and volume purchasing power has helped make them a premiere builder in Alamaba. If you’re looking for a new community in Huntsville, don’t miss a chance to live in Cedar Park.

23 May


Is Your Registration Page Working For Or Against You?


In previous years not so long ago, it wasn’t unusual to see a registration page with numerous qualifying questions that would take prospective homebuyers several minutes to complete. Many didn’t stick around that long and would likely abandon the form with frustration. In those days the housing market was very different and the argument was that those prospects truly interested in purchasing a new home would take the time to complete the form.

Times have changed, and the way people use the internet has changed along with it. While some might argue that prospects will give much detail if they are truly interested in purchasing, others realize that many people are out looking first for as much information as possible and then will narrow the field down to those projects that may interest them in a purchase.

Giving a clear and easy path to the information is more important now then ever before if you are to capture and retain your prospects. You place yourself ahead of your competition by understanding that the way people browse the internet has changed, and with so much information to gather it is crucial to simply make it easy for them to sign up.

With so much available product and stiff competition it becomes important to use a critical eye when evaluating your own online registration form. Truly consider the information you need to know now compared with information that can be gathered once a relationship is established during the nurturing phase.

Ultimately you want your prospective buyers’ experience to be easy from the start, otherwise you risk losing them before you begin to engage with them.

Here are a few key points to consider when compiling your registration form:
1. Collect the basics. Do not make your forms intimidating at first glance.
2. Consider using multiple registration pages for different media types. Not only will this help differentiate where the lead came from, but it will also give you the opportunity to ask different qualifying questions that may be pertinent to the media such as facebook, landing pages, and other areas that drive traffic to your site.
3. Make sure all registration pages are properly branded. They need to be uniform with clearly marked project and branding complete with privacy policy so that there is no guessing game as to what your prospects are signing up for and what they will with confidence receive from their registration.
4. Utilize an automated thank you page as well as an automated email response. By receiving an email and being sent automatically to the thank you page upon submitting their information you are acknowledging their interest and providing a personal touch with your lead.
5. Employ the help of you CRM system! Use your CRM to segment your prospects and provide you with the details as to which registration page someone entered through. A detailed CRM like Lasso can tell you how they found you and can update the registrant details in your database. The CRM will allow additional questions to be asked during the nurturing process – and all the information is recorded throughout the buying process from lead capture to purchase of a new home.

But most important of all when evaluating the effectiveness of your registration page: Ask yourself if you’d fill it out!

25 Apr


CRM Software Solutions: It’s More About Process and Activities



As CEO of Lasso, a home builder CRM software provider, I get the opportunity to speak regularly with many builder CEOs, sales managers, and vice presidents about their businesses.  Whether I’m talking with prospective clients or current Lasso users typically we talk about:

  • What is working (and what is not) with their lead management process
  • Marketing and sales challenges and opportunities Continue Reading

09 Apr

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Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Create A Sales Process and Timeline For Communication


CRM for Scheduling and Follow Up

We know that lead nurturing is an essential part of lead management. Understanding the different personas is essential to targeting content that will be applicable to your leads. Content mapping will help you deliver the proper information at the proper phase of home search. Once you’ve determined your various sales personas and mapped your content, the next stage is to develop your timelines for communication and create your sales process. At this stage of developing your lead nurturing program, your CRM is invaluable. Continue Reading

27 Mar


Developing Lead Nurturing That Works: Content Mapping


Hand drawing empty diagram

Previously we talked about the importance of knowing who your buyers are and what motivates them by identifying personas. Once you’ve created these homebuyer personas you can then begin to look at the available marketing content you generate on your various model homes, new home communities and condo developments. Continue Reading