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12 Jan

Your Email Marketing Has 3 Seconds To Make an Impact

by dave clements

When scanning inboxes there  are two primary pieces of information most people use to determine whether they delete an email or read it.  First they check to see who sent the email, then they look at the subject line. This quick glance will determine whether the email is opened or not. And it all happens [...]

25 Oct

Lead Management: Nurture Your Leads – Close More Deals!

by dave clements

Once someone has registered on your new home project website, what do you do? Is there a defined sales process? Do you have a course of action with logical steps, tasks and activities that nurture from interest list through to purchase? Does your sales team get involved right away? In most cases, the leads go [...]

29 Sep

Home Builder CRM Software – Leading Change

by dave clements

Leading home builders today are recognizing the need to view CRM as a key business strategy to effectively move leads from the top of the sales funnel, through the home buying process, and ultimately to more profitable sales.  In the current economy, many home builders are coming to the conclusion that they need change, but [...]