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08 May

From Prospect to Purchaser (and Beyond) with Home Builder CRM

by Thais Cuffy

The main objectives of customer relationship management (CRM) for home builders is to create a system that captures every lead, nurtures the relationship through automated sales processes and email marketing, and moves the prospect through the sales funnel to write a contract. While much energy and time is spent on converting leads to buyers, we [...]

24 Apr

Using Email Templates for New Home Marketing

by Thais Cuffy

There’s a lot that goes into creating a great marketing email. In order to create emails that are opened and read, you must consider the balance of images and text, image resolution and width, calls-to-action and HTML programming, among other elements. It’s no easy task, but pre-designed email templates can provide the right foundation to [...]

13 Mar

Organize Your Prospects for Targeted Follow-Up

by Thais Cuffy

As with bank accounts and relationships, a home builder CRM system is only as good as what you put into it. When it comes to following up with prospects – both online and those who have walked into your sales center – it’s important to rate, label and tag leads so that sales and marketing [...]

26 Jul

Managing sales? You need the best home buyer software

by Anna Chandler

According to the National Association of Sales Executives, “80% of sales are made from the 5th – 12th contact.” That’s a lot of follow-up! But it’s crucial, to make all that money you’ve spent gathering attention and earning leads worth it. You’re looking to turn leads into prospects, and from there, home buyers – right? [...]

15 Dec

Where Does Great Customer Service Begin?

by dave clements

Builders and developers are always working to improve customer service.  Today’s prospective homebuyers have high standards; they expect great service as a minimum requirement. Prospects want to be wowed when they are looking at one of the largest purchases of their lives, and it’s “their” market. This stellar service should begin when the buyer initially [...]

08 Dec

How To Streamline Purchaser and Transaction Management With Real Estate CRM

by dave clements

CRM for Home builders typically means managing your leads and communicating with your prospects. A recent trend, and the technology to back it up, allows savvy builders to use CRM as a one stop solution to manage the process and communication from lead generation through sale including the purchaser transaction to closing. CRM home builder [...]

06 Oct

Home Builder Software – Personalize Your Sales Methodology

by dave clements

Most builders today know they need accurate information about their traffic. They need source information, demographics, information on repeat visitors, and geographic trends across the board for each community, region, or aggregate at a company level.  By establishing an approach to CRM with standards and consistency to accomplish these objectives, they significantly improve the accuracy [...]