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08 May

From Prospect to Purchaser (and Beyond) with Home Builder CRM

by Thais Cuffy

The main objectives of customer relationship management (CRM) for home builders is to create a system that captures every lead, nurtures the relationship through automated sales processes and email marketing, and moves the prospect through the sales funnel to write a contract. While much energy and time is spent on converting leads to buyers, we [...]

01 Aug

Concerned about Data Security?

by Anna Chandler

So you’re happily using Lasso’s home builder software: converting those prospects into sales, tracking ROI, managing reports… and as you go, it may strike you how much sensitive information you have on here. Don’t worry. Lasso already has you covered. Lasso takes their responsibilities to their customers seriously, and the security and reliability of your prospect and [...]

26 Jul

Managing sales? You need the best home buyer software

by Anna Chandler

According to the National Association of Sales Executives, “80% of sales are made from the 5th – 12th contact.” That’s a lot of follow-up! But it’s crucial, to make all that money you’ve spent gathering attention and earning leads worth it. You’re looking to turn leads into prospects, and from there, home buyers – right? [...]