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14 Aug

How CRM Helps Sales Agents Make More Money

by Thais Cuffy

Oftentimes, onsite sales agents use CRM simply because their managers have asked them to so, without realizing it’s potential to help them earn more money. It’s not an outlandish statement. CRM that is custom-built for new home sales offers proven systems and processes to help sales people keep in touch with prospects, understand their activity and interests, [...]

27 Jun

Not enough leads. Really?

by dave clements

All too often it’s common for Sales Managers to hear this from the sales team — “I’ve called all my leads, now what? We need more leads!” This statement from your sales team should raise red flags, especially if you do not have a homebuilder CRM solution in place to guide follow up. The truth [...]

12 Oct

CRM “Accountability” Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word

by dave clements

“Accountability” never made George Carlin’s infamous list of “seven dirty words.” And while now you can hear most of the words that made his list on basic cable TV channels before 11 p.m. on any given night, the word accountability can still send shivers down the spines of sales teams and managers alike. Salespeople hear [...]