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27 Jun

Not enough leads. Really?

by dave clements

All too often it’s common for Sales Managers to hear this from the sales team — “I’ve called all my leads, now what? We need more leads!” This statement from your sales team should raise red flags, especially if you do not have a homebuilder CRM solution in place to guide follow up. The truth [...]

29 Dec

The benefits of Cloud-based CRM For Home Builders

by dave clements

Top firms agree that CRM systems benefit homebuilders and developers.  Lead management and a proven sales process to guide prospects from initial inquiry to purchase are crucial elements to a successful project. Nothing streamlines and safeguards these tasks like effective CRM for home builders. When selecting a CRM for your company, there are some basics [...]

15 Dec

Where Does Great Customer Service Begin?

by dave clements

Builders and developers are always working to improve customer service.  Today’s prospective homebuyers have high standards; they expect great service as a minimum requirement. Prospects want to be wowed when they are looking at one of the largest purchases of their lives, and it’s “their” market. This stellar service should begin when the buyer initially [...]

02 Nov

The Fundamental Buy/Sell Mismatch in Real Estate Marketing

by dave clements

Studies and reports show that 50-75% of all leads are either lost or killed by an ineffective follow up process. Why would businesses go to all the time, effort, and expense to generate leads, and then lose or kill them? A big part of the problem is that historically there has been a fundamental mismatch [...]

06 Oct

Home Builder Software – Personalize Your Sales Methodology

by dave clements

Most builders today know they need accurate information about their traffic. They need source information, demographics, information on repeat visitors, and geographic trends across the board for each community, region, or aggregate at a company level.  By establishing an approach to CRM with standards and consistency to accomplish these objectives, they significantly improve the accuracy [...]

21 Sep

Email Marketing: Tips for Better List Hygiene

by angela

Maintaining good list management and list hygiene are among the standards and best practices of email marketing.  Just as we don’t like to take trips to the dentist, list hygiene often falls lower on the to-do list for real estate email marketers. But this is a crucial practice to create and continue the results you [...]